Monthly Office Packages starting at INR 2500 – Everything you need to know

Do temporary workspace solutions exist? Well, it definitely does and we have named it as Hot Desk Membership Packages! We, at Centre-A executive spaces have designed special monthly packages that do not require everyday commitment. With these packages you can choose to work at our spaces when ever you like. These packages are designed to best suit entrepreneurs w ...Read More

Are fully furnished office spaces expensive? – Myths Busted

As entrepreneurs most of us often opt for traditional work spaces as we believe by doing so we will be able to cut down on unnecessary expenses. We feel that everyday expenses will not pinch our pockets and is manageable. What we fail to understand is that everyday expenses when accumulated in the end of the year will result in breaking your pre-planned budgets as it ...Read More

Meeting Rooms on Rent in Kochi

Startups, freelancers and solopreneurs usually do not have the capital or rather would not want to spend their capital on setting up a professional meet up room within their work location as, they usually tend to work out from small rooms, homes or coffee shops etc. We give out fully furnished conference room/meeting rooms /training rooms on rent starting at just Rs.6 ...Read More

Effects of long travel hours to work – Disadvantages

Looking for economical fully furnished office spaces in kochi near the metro click here Setting up your first office is always a hassle, especially with limited capital in hand. Most newbie entrepreneurs or entrepreneurs in general settle for renting or leasing out small house-like offices in remote areas or under-developed areas just so that they can invest their ca ...Read More

Things you should skip doing at work

Every environment comes with a set of rules one needs to adhere to in order to maintain peace and tranquility. Office environment is one such space that requires a specific rule book to follow. Many of us carry our personal problems or choose to behave however we want, when at work thus resulting in problems uncalled for. We present to you a list of office dont ...Read More

Why Rent a Meeting Room?

Every business centre or an office space provider aims to deliver a variety of services which primarily includes coworking hubs,meeting rooms and conference solutions.Choosing to sign up for meeting rooms and conference solutions from such providers on adhoc basis by blooming start-ups have become widely popular. Most start-ups choose to opt fo meeting rooms to con ...Read More

Virtual office – The New Age Startup Solution

Virtual office services is increasingly becoming popular due to its lower risks and economical set up cost. Virtual office services let you evolve faster and easier as you are not tied down with expenses even before your operations commence. You are assisted with a professional skilled team who will handle all your communications, thus letting you focus on your core ...Read More

Types of Office spaces : Ideal Workspace for Startups

Here’s a start-up guide to the different kind of office space services you could choose from depending on your business type. Organizing and setting-up your office is the most important investment of a business. Hence choosing the right space determines the start of your success journey. Virtual Office Space Services Virtual Office Services are best if you w ...Read More