Healthy Habits at work

Have you sheepishly given up on your new year’s resolutions to getting fitter and better? If yes, then we have curated the perfect blog to help you start on a few healthy habits while at work and gradually get you on track and make you fitter for the better. Since we spend an average of 70% of our day at the office, it’s up to us to add healthy habits into our wor ...Read More

Here’s why fully furnished private offices could be your best buy

The bonus of renting out a workspace at Centre A Executive Business Spaces is essentially the turnkey nature of our private office rentals. We provide furnished office rentals with crucial services that are already in place, so all you got to do is move in. This reduces the amount of time, money, and mental energy you need to invest in a new office. We make sure the w ...Read More

Wondering if you are a workaholic? Take the quiz

We live in stressful times. Many of us don’t have enough time during the day to tick off all our to-do list, and this can single-handly cause a build-up of frustration and stress which isn't a great thing right? Amid these stressful times, we tend to try too much and end up being a crazy workaholic. Being a workaholic is not great, and there are negative impacts ...Read More

Here’s why you need to take advantage of Coworking Spaces

The minute you walk into a coworking space you’ll immediately experience an energetic vibe that revolves around unlike a regular workspace. The smell of fresh coffee beans in the air is not the only aspect that adds on to making the atmosphere electric, but the energy the excited occupants bring to the workspace is what completes a dynamic coworking area. In ...Read More

Benefits of Video vs Phone Conferencing

p strong b { text-transform: capitalize; } Earlier audio conferencing was considered to be the most potent and productive technologies, especially inworkplaces. Well, If you look at it, even today we find it easier to call the concerned person and quickly communicate. However, when it’s a one on one discussion, it's easier to keep pace with the conve ...Read More

Agile & Activity Based Working: Make the right choice

The modern world has not only altered our lifestyle for the better but has also brought about change in the way we work. Companies today have come to realize the need for flexible workplaces. Those employers who let their team choose their working style has witnessed increased participation of each individual with respect to completing tasks, and sportingly working to ...Read More

Trends that are dramatically changing the way you work and the place you work

Technological evolution has led to momentous changes in the way we work and also the way our workspace functions. The traditional 10 a.m to 6 p.m of yesteryear is almost fading out, and easy-going work culture is taking the limelight. In this blog, we bring you three such trends that have globally changed the way businesses work today. A flexible workstyle: ...Read More

How to network powerfully in a coworking space – Top 5 tips

Coworking spaces are a great alternative to the traditional networking social events, where people wander around hoping to connect in a substantial and meaningful way. Unlike these conventional networking meets, connections made in coworking spaces tend to last longer and are authentic rather than forced and fleeting. Coworking spaces constitute professionals from all ...Read More

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