Etiquette rules for Coworking spaces

Coworking spaces are in itself a unique opportunity to network and collaborate with like-minded professionals and enjoy flexible work hours. Coworking spaces come with a world full of benefits and access to a community of forward thinkers that help enhance your business relations however, here’s a list of etiquettes you need to keep in mind while you work at a cowor ...Read More

Virtual Office features and key benefits

Keeping pace with ever-evolving face of professionalism and technology is now all the more easier with Virtual Offices. If you have an idea for your startup and all you need is an office space but do not have that capital to exhaust, then simply opt for Virtual Office Solutions. Virtual Offices lets you maximize your productivity without boundaries while becoming m ...Read More

How to build a healthy work culture in a virtual office? – Tips

Virtual teams and virtual offices have slowly started gaining momentum. Established companies and startups today are open to hiring skilled professionals irrespective of their geographic differences. However, lack of physical presence comes with downsides as well. Here are a couple of tips that will help surpass the downsides of having a virtual office and a virtual t ...Read More

Flexible mini work packages – Everything you need to know

Talk about flexibility at work - we have a new-age solution! An open environment workspace that lets you work the way you want- an approach creatively moulded for business travelers, freelancers, home-based business entrepreneurs and startup enthusiasts. We have termed these mini work packages as Hot desk membership packages where you can access our coworking hubs ...Read More

What are the features a fully furnished office spaces includes? – An overview

When moving into a new office is part of your big business plan for the year, one of the most important yet heidous task is getting the furnishings of the office space done. Furnishings include tables, storage spaces, chairs, pantry equipments, printers, internet and the list can go on. This long list is the sole reason why most of the entrepreneurs decide to stay whe ...Read More

Things to remember before accepting job offers – Tips

As the recruitment drive is on, and job opportunities flooding in, it is important to know which offer suits you. In this blog we have compiled a set of pre-requisites to help you analyse if the extended job offer qualifies your candidature. We hope these hacks will help you determine if the job you have in hand benefits your career. Job Role :- Go through the j ...Read More

Essential tips for business growth

Induce flexibility facilities : A flexible business catches immediate attention unlike other business organisations. Confused about what we meant by flexible businesses? Let’s take your through it. Imagine how cool it would be if you met your business prospects in a professional space when you travel for business. The myth - it sounds expensive, the fact - NO it is ...Read More

New year Resolutions for your workplace

Wohoo! It’s been a great year for us and we hope it’s been a great one for you too! Since 2017 is almost over and everyone’s busy preparing their resolutions for a better personal life in 2018, we thought that it was about time to compile a resolution list for a workplace. Taking up resolutions at your workplace is equally important as, it directly as well as ...Read More

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