6 People Management Tips – Be a Better Manager

The crucial part of being successful at every job is knowing how to work with others irrespective of the role you are in. For team managers, knowing how to manage your people and understanding their ambitions is a key part of your success that ultimately contributes to the success of the company. So what exactly do we mean by people management? Well, over the ...Read More

Top reasons why a fully furnished Private Office should be your business choice

Fully furnished offices or most commonly referred to as serviced offices, office spaces, business centres or executive offices are pay-as-you-use office spaces that come furnished and fully equipped, and are rented out on flexible terms. The amenities offered include office equipment, meeting rooms, communal spaces, storage facilities, administrative support, rece ...Read More

Top 3 reasons why people succeed in coworking spaces

With the advent of co-working spaces, the traditional working culture has drastically changed and has gathered the reputation of channeling more productivity in people. According to a study conducted by Harvard Business Review, individuals working in co-working spaces grow at a rate of 6% to 7% higher than traditional workspaces, which is why, over the last fe ...Read More

Internet Connectivity Vs Productivity – How can we help

Internet Connectivity problems kill productivity and is the number one reason for wasted time at a workplace. All thanks to the death of the slack dial-up, the fancy termed ‘high-speed’ internet is no less. Technical glitches as such become twice a problem especially when you’re desperately trying to meet the deadline, and your internet connection is experie ...Read More

The last person, to leave the office? Tips on how to stop it!

Working late has become the norm. The art of ‘leaving’ on time doesn’t happen just like that, in fact, It starts way before the workday by building up a psychological commitment to departure time and planning your tasks accordingly to make it happen. In this little write-up, we have formulated a plan and steps to execute it: Control the skills of time ...Read More

Top things that make an office space great!

How do you define if office space is productive? Productive office spaces are created and nurtured by many multiple things. In today’s working world, it is essential to customize your work/office space to the requirements and expectations of current as well as prospective employees and not to forget, the clients you serve. In this blog, we have compiled some ...Read More

How to keep your clients happy – Tips

For most businesses, your clients are one of your most important stakeholders. And, in most cases, they are likely to invest a large sum of capital in your business. Hence keeping them happy and satisfied is extremely important, if you wish to keep them engaged in your business model. You have to go beyond when it comes to meeting your client’s expectations, but thi ...Read More

Tips on office etiquette

Here are some helpful tips on office etiquette. Meeting rooms Don’t look at your phone and appear distracted. Don’t talk to others when someone is presenting Don’t interrupt people when they are speaking. Ask all questions at the end Don’t eat out loud during a meeting as this looks rude. Keep the meeting room tidy. Breakout Areas You ...Read More

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