How to get a raise ? – Tips

Is it about time you received a higher pay all because you deserve one? However, you are sceptical about receiving the same due to economic descend. Well, haven’t all of us been there? Experts have stated that, even if an organization is facing a money crunch a salary hike to the right employee is never overlooked. Not many companies look out for opportunities to ...Read More

How to build your first startup team? – Tips

Have you missed out on our first blog that gives an overview of building your first team, read it here? In this blog we bring to you cheat codes that can help crack your first phase of kick-starting your startup i.e  ‘recruitment’. Hiring your first team is eventually a leap of faith. However, before you take this leap, trust your instincts and be certain o ...Read More

Virtual office service for a home-based business – Importance

Are you running a home-based business? Do you have a corporate identity for all formal communications? If not we bring to you 5 reasons of why you need to opt for a virtual office service support for your home-based business. Custom call answering facility: Our virtual office service comes with a custom call answering and call forwarding facility backed up wi ...Read More

How to build your first startup team? – An overview

If you are an entrepreneur-to-be, there are 3 quintessential principles that sway your startup dream and determines its triumph or downfall. Understand that any business be it big or small cannot stay as a one man play. Recruitment is the prime factor that holds your business success. One can kick-start a dream alone but will need to employ manpower to bring it ...Read More

Do you possess these? 10 workplace characters that can buy you your dream job!

Did you know, hiring teams in organisations, be it big or small are not looking for candidates who are proficient and fit perfectly in just a specific role. Hiring managers look for people who are competent, confident, creative and multi-task efficiently. In this blog, we bring to you 10 such workplace character traits that can buy you your dream job instantly. ...Read More

Are you secretly hating your job? Find out

We all know what it is like to hate your job or workplace. We have all been there and done that at least once. Just a handful of us prefer to stay through the tough phase and learn to get through it, but the rest choose to back out and go in search of what might seem non-existent - ‘the ideal job’. Before you jump to a conclusion and turn in your one month noti ...Read More

Serviced Office Space: Was your financial year all about utility bills?

Are you looking for a change in the way you manage your workplace this upcoming financial year? A workplace that magically takes care of itself. A workplace that doesn’t disturb you every day with maintenance or utility bills.What if we tell you, your traditional workspaces can be replaced with conventional ones that would prove to be affordable yet premium. ...Read More

How to survive office politics?

Every corporate whether big or small, is subject to office politics and works along the rule ‘survival of the fittest’. Office politics can get destructive and can also demoralize an organization thereby hampering productivity. The first rule to survival of the fittest is to never be afraid of facing your politically inspired workspace . Remember, all top p ...Read More