How to lower investment and maximize profit in a city like Kochi

Kochi is one of the busiest and most prosperous towns in the state of Kerala. According to a latest business survey Kochi has seen a 60% growth in the number of start-ups and entrepreneurial set ups in the last 5 years. However given the escalating land prices and the increasing set up costs in Kochi it is a little difficult for small business men to focus on lowering ...Read More

Shared Office Space – the New Formula for Success

A businessman has to be smart and save costs whenever and wherever he can. One of the biggest hurdles for startups and small businesses is to have a well furnished office space in a prime location. This calls for heavy investment of money that you could well use in your business to generate still further revenues. Therefore, the smart thing to do is to go in for share ...Read More

Shared Office space for rent in Kochi

The idea of sharing office space is increasingly gaining popularity in Kochi- as new businesses are set up in the city every day. A shared office space can minimize your monthly expenses, helps work with and meet other business professionals who just might be your next big client or partner, and the merits goes on. Centre-A, which is ideally located in the heart of th ...Read More

Importance of Office Support Services

Centre A pushes the envelope when it comes to offering fully serviced offices in Kochi. What you get here is fully serviced office suites you can move into and start operations from day one. You have high speed leased internet connections, dedicated telephone lines, virtual receptionist in Kochi, conferencing room for rent in Kochi and lots more. What gives this offic ...Read More

How to Choose the Best Commercial Office Space For Rent in Kochi

If you are starting up a new enterprise or are looking to establish operations in Kochi you will need an office address and space to reflect your status. How would you go about it? You could look for an empty office, rent it and then go about furnishing it, equipping it with telephone and internet and then hire staff. This is an expensive way and you may not get the l ...Read More

Choosing the Right Conference Room

Startups, small and medium enterprises and corporates, all need to hold conferences from time to time. You could have as few as five people attending the meeting or as many as 25 or more. A conference these days is not just the getting together of people for discussions. A typical conference may involve presentations where you need audio visual equipments, video confe ...Read More

10 Tips for Startup Entrepreneurs

If you are starting a new business venture, then there are a few things you should keep in mind. Money spent wisely goes a long way whereas it is just as easy to spend it unwisely and have funds blocked up without giving you adequate returns. Here are a few ideas compiled to give you a head start in your venture. Creating the right brand image is important. One wa ...Read More

Why Centre A

In this world of instant gratification and fierce competition the lead time required for setting up and managing businesses, work centers, offices, corporate branches etc is now a costly luxury. Delivery times have been slashed and enterprises are now struggling with finding time and manpower to fulfill the logistical demands. Fortunately solution oriented companies l ...Read More