Part Time Office Spaces to Lower Costs and Overheads

In this fast paced world of merging business boundaries, newer concepts of offices are emerging. One concept which has gained a lot of prominence in bustling commercial cities like Kochi is part time offices. It is a well known fact that setting up a permanent office needs a lot of investment and maintenance. Not every business can afford to keep permanent offices at ...Read More

Shared office spaces in Kochi – An economic choice

Current inflation rate and the economic circumstances have prompted many business owners to think of ways in which to reduce the cost of business. For almost every business, the arrangement of real estate space is a major reason for costs; shared office spaces allow the split up of such costs and allows the business to function efficiently and economically. This is es ...Read More

Top 5 Reasons When Should You Consider Moving to a Serviced Office

One of the highest fixed expense for any business or enterprise is typically the cost of a retail space including rent, maintenance, furnishing, overhead costs etc. Usually in all big towns and cities it is the norm to stick to a contract (usually for a period between 3 to 5 years). Considering all factors, a high financial price is paid to set up an office. The pract ...Read More

Checklist for renting the Best Meeting Room

Meeting rooms have been used by corporate houses and business conglomerates for ages to discuss strategic issues and business concerns. The principle of using meeting rooms for official purposes and conferences, presentations etc is an emerging trend in tier 2 cities like Kochi, Vadodra, Ranchi etc. Centre A in Kochi has been offering state of art Meeting rooms for re ...Read More

Managing a remote workforce

The world is rapidly becoming a global village and with the blurring of geographical boundaries are now often cross cultural, remote and virtual. While a remote workforce offers a huge set of advantages in terms of cost cutting, time savings and worker preferences; managing the remote workforce sometimes becomes a challenge specially for small or mid sized companies. ...Read More

7 good reasons to give your employees a raise

Many business owners are confused about the justifications and correct timing of giving their employees a raise. Some use the economy as an indicator while others use company performance to determine if employees should get a raise. However, under both conditions described above, individual employee performance is not held as a deterministic factor and this creates a ...Read More

Where should you locate your business

The location that you select for your business is dependent upon the kind of business you are engaged in. There are several creative space solutions that new age businesses offer and you can choose one depending upon the creative and thoughtful application of space and time. Businesses and offices that are located in commercial parks and office buildings have a huge p ...Read More

What is flexible working

The concept of flexible working has gained a lot of importance in recent times especially when life is moving at a break-neck speed and there’s no end to our requirements. Worker satisfaction enhancement and significant cost cuttings are two of the major advantages that flexible working style offers. This kind of working arrangement gives some percentage of flexibil ...Read More