How to Run Business Professionally Without the Costs of a Traditional Office Space

For a businessman or a professional, setting up an office and running it involves the highest costs. Apart from the capital outlay in the office you would also need to employ staff that again means additional expenditure. Smart businessmen do not invest in offices or staff but use the capital to grow business while running their business professionally. With Centre ...Read More

High Quality Video Conferencing Solutions From Centre A

Video conferencing is the preferred way to set up meetings and communicate online rather than meet in person or talk over the phone. The benefits are obvious. You can watch and listen to the other participants. Video conferencing also allows you to show objects, charts and presentations. It is like meeting in person but without the hassles of travel and other expenses ...Read More

Giving Your Small Business a Corporate Image and Presence

The trappings of a successful corporate entity are a large office with cabins and common working areas, a business lounge with a receptionist in attendance, the full suite of services such as pantry and refreshments in-house, fax, photocopy, conference room, meeting room, video and audio conference facilities and full support staff. The bigger the image, the better th ...Read More

Co-Working For Startup Companies in Cochin

As matters stand, startup companies have already invested heavily in infrastructure and personnel. When it comes to maintaining offices across the country, it is beyond their resources. It is the same with traveling businessmen, consultants and marketing professionals. This is where affordable co-working space in Cochin offered by Centre A proves to be perfect in more ...Read More

Co-Working Desks Accelerate Business in Cochin

Yes it’s happening! We offer coworking spaces in our Alapatt Heritage Building in MG Road Cochin. Coworking is a growing trend, with many freelancers, entrepreneurs and ‘work from home’ employees finding the many benefits of working in a shared space. it also contributes to improved productivity and a better work-life balance. Consider coworking for at le ...Read More

Serviced offices for small businesses available in Cochin

Is your business ready to move to the next stage in 2015? Our serviced office will provide you with the right environment to focus on your business, while we look after your office.   Centre A Serviced offices 1 Centre A Serviced offices 2 Centre A Serviced offices 3 Centre A Serviced offices 4 Centre A Serviced offices 5 ...Read More

Part Time Office Spaces to Lower Costs and Overheads

In this fast paced world of merging business boundaries, newer concepts of offices are emerging. One concept which has gained a lot of prominence in bustling commercial cities like Kochi is part time offices. It is a well known fact that setting up a permanent office needs a lot of investment and maintenance. Not every business can afford to keep permanent offices at ...Read More

Shared office spaces in Kochi – An economic choice

Current inflation rate and the economic circumstances have prompted many business owners to think of ways in which to reduce the cost of business. For almost every business, the arrangement of real estate space is a major reason for costs; shared office spaces allow the split up of such costs and allows the business to function efficiently and economically. This is es ...Read More