How co-working spaces are helping businesses thrive

Enterprises are gradually embracing the concept of a shared economy as collaboration and cooperation have become the latest buzzwords. Not only entrepreneurs but also workers are realizing the importance of working in a shared culture and that has actually become a way of business worldwide in the recent times. Businesses are starting to realize the humongous benefits ...Read More

Being less stressed means more productivity (tips to beat stress at work)

Some amount of work stress is normal and it can actually boost the competitive edge in a professional organization. However too much of stress can interfere with the productivity level and impact the work performance in a significant way. The ability to manage stress in an efficient way may mean the difference between success and professional failure. Often stress can ...Read More

How do I set up a Virtual Office in Cochin

Setting up your Virtual Office with Centre-A Cochin Register your interest in a Virtual Office with us, by calling +91-755-99-00030 or emailing guestservices@centre-a.com– all information and prices will be given to you. If you decide to go ahead, a service form will be emailed to you – Fill this out with your company details. Once all the paperwork is re ...Read More

Virtual Office from Centre-A in Kochi

Keep pace with the ever-evolving face of professionalism. You have the idea and what you need is an office space. Virtual offices let you maximize your productivity without boundaries while becoming more constructive wherever business takes you. Work from anywhere you want with extremely cost-effective packages. Do everything possible, anywhere you are. Take the first ...Read More

Key steps to set up your business in Kochi

This is a good time for any type of new business venture in Kochi as the growth of small businesses and entrepreneurship is encouraged in the state of Kerala in line with the State and Central Government policies. Kerala has favorable economic policies that encourage the inception and expansion of new business across all sectors. There are service providers like Centr ...Read More

Negative impact of business location on your sales

Business location is now recognized to be one of the major influencers of sales. Recent market surveys done by leading market research firms showed that physical accessibility to target consumer groups is one of the most important prerequisites to a great sales figure. The more flexibility of access your business has, the better would be your sales figures. In a surve ...Read More

How to lower investment and maximize profit in a city like Kochi

Kochi is one of the busiest and most prosperous towns in the state of Kerala. According to a latest business survey Kochi has seen a 60% growth in the number of start-ups and entrepreneurial set ups in the last 5 years. However given the escalating land prices and the increasing set up costs in Kochi it is a little difficult for small business men to focus on lowering ...Read More

Shared Office Space – the New Formula for Success

A businessman has to be smart and save costs whenever and wherever he can. One of the biggest hurdles for startups and small businesses is to have a well furnished office space in a prime location. This calls for heavy investment of money that you could well use in your business to generate still further revenues. Therefore, the smart thing to do is to go in for share ...Read More