Effect of workplace recreation on employee performance

We are all part of the workaholic crowd; work all through the week and worry about work over the weekend. At times excess work pressure results in a dip in work enthusiasm which calls for a day/ week off to restore working spirits, while office projects take turns at escalation. Situations get worse when employers send memos across for ill management of assigned proje ...Read More

Essential tips for a productive office space

Your workspace is directly proportionate to your ability to be productive and to stay focused. The layout of your workspace, be it work at home or in a company, plays a very important role with regard to being able to produce results and achieve business objectives. Layout here refers to both the basic and complex essentials of a workspace which includes; good interio ...Read More

Big tips for small businesses – Benefits of renting meeting rooms

Starting your own business is a bold step towards fulfilling your dreams. As a start-up, the first impression created ought to be the finest to ensure proper business growth. A small business need not necessarily have all amenities in place, moreover, as we all know, a start-up kicks in with minimal resources and investments. The most vital element that decides the ...Read More

Why Your Office Might Be More Important Than You Think

If you have recently started business, then one of the biggest concerns is to have a suitable office. However, an office in a commercial location may not be affordable for everyone and the result is some entrepreneurs end up using a part of their house as their office. This does not send out the right signals about you and your business. Prospective customers or vendo ...Read More

Serviced Office – The Perfect Platform for SMEs to Grow in Cochin

One way for small and medium enterprises to grow is to establish a nation-wide network of branches and serve regional markets. This can be a capital intensive proposition but Centre A commercial office space in Kochi, provides the perfect solution for SMEs to grow in Cochin without digging deep into their pockets. The advantages of serviced offices for SMEs: 1. ...Read More

How to Run Business Professionally Without the Costs of a Traditional Office Space

For a businessman or a professional, setting up an office and running it involves the highest costs. Apart from the capital outlay in the office you would also need to employ staff that again means additional expenditure. Smart businessmen do not invest in offices or staff but use the capital to grow business while running their business professionally. With Centre ...Read More

High Quality Video Conferencing Solutions From Centre A

Video conferencing is the preferred way to set up meetings and communicate online rather than meet in person or talk over the phone. The benefits are obvious. You can watch and listen to the other participants. Video conferencing also allows you to show objects, charts and presentations. It is like meeting in person but without the hassles of travel and other expenses ...Read More

Giving Your Small Business a Corporate Image and Presence

The trappings of a successful corporate entity are a large office with cabins and common working areas, a business lounge with a receptionist in attendance, the full suite of services such as pantry and refreshments in-house, fax, photocopy, conference room, meeting room, video and audio conference facilities and full support staff. The bigger the image, the better th ...Read More