Start Small. Start Easy. Kick start your business.

Make your greatest impact in business with Centre A's Private Offices Freshly brewed cups of coffee to start the day, well-ventilated office spaces so you can think out of the box, support staff at your beck and call and so much more to get your business routine going, we are right here 24*7 to fuel your fire. What makes it different here? Flexible offic ...Read More

Office guide to social distancing and safety during COVID 19

Is your workplace ready for the new normal? Adopting safety measures at your office helps curb the spread of this pandemic. Office buildings are prime places for diseases to spread since many different people are coming and going throughout the day. Most have to pass through common entry points like lobbies, security checkpoints, and elevators. As we start to go back ...Read More

Are co-working spaces safe to work in during a pandemic like COVID-19?

It is of no doubt that COVID-19 has changed our lives greatly, especially the work life. All of a sudden, the only solution was to work from home. But now, it’s to think if we can actually stay safe by working in our usual environment. Many countries are lifting off restrictions imposed on the society during lockdown, as such a move has resulted in slow e ...Read More

How are we making our workspace safer? – Hygiene practices

Here’s how we do it and you could contribute too! Practices on our list: Medical Grade Sanitizers placed at all entrances and common areas Ensuring housekeeping and cafe staff practice strict hygiene Sanitizing doorknobs, handles, railings, tables, desks, and chairs at regular intervals Avoiding business travel for now Postponing meetings unless absolu ...Read More

Efficient tips to work from home

While the COVID19 outbreak continues to keep us at home, here are a couple of tips that could help you build a positive work from home schedule. 1. If you have a routine stick with it. Work from home makes most of us laze around, sleep late and wake up 5 minutes just before login with a massive dose of caffeine. This kind of routine is quite a disaster an ...Read More

Tackle Monday – 5 Tips of how Successful People do it.

Sleep, but don't snooze your alarm It's hard to catch up on lost sleep. The best way to have a balanced sleep for the entire week could probably mean you sleep through Sunday and snooze your alarm on Monday morning to squeeze in that extra 10-15 minutes. Well, do NOT hit the snooze button. If you have an alarm set for the day then make sure you wake up then. As s ...Read More

Do you need a virtual office address?

Many start-up businesses are stuck on whether they need a physical or a virtual address. Virtual offices, of course, are not for everyone. But it certainly has positives to it as well.  The location or address of your business has proven to have an impact on your business reputation. Virtual address lets you set-up an address at a preferred location while you ...Read More

Why Choose Meeting Rooms At Centre A?

Meetings are often the stepping stone towards success for any business. You don’t want it to turn out to be a deal-breaker as a consequence of tiny matters. By choosing to hold your business meetings in a premium business centre like Centre A, you are backed by a professional environment which adds to the overall efficiency of the meeting.  From ergonomic o ...Read More

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