Five reasons that summarize the importance of teamwork and why it matters to you

Motivates unity in the workplace A teamwork environment cultivates an atmosphere that fosters friendship and loyalty. These close-knit relationships motivate employees in parallel and align them to work harder, cooperate, and be supportive of one another. Diverse perspectives A perfect teamwork structure will provide your organization with a variety of ...Read More

The future of Co-working spaces is looking bright!

Co-working spaces have become the new trend in many of the cities around the world. It brought a spark in the minds of many young entrepreneurs and freelancers and influenced their work style to a large extent. But the recent trends show that now, it's not just freelancers that are benefiting from co-working spaces! Today, even large companies are encouraging employ ...Read More

Get into a positive mindset this new year – 4 ways

With the New Year insight, you may be starting to think about making resolutions, just what all of us towards the start of a new year. But how many of us can keep up with the resolutions we make? Well, honestly, not many of us and halfway into the year, stress eats us up, and we end up letting go of the so-called goals, resolutions, new year new you etc. We think a ...Read More

Looking for a space to host your perfect meeting hour? – We have the perfect setup

Clinch that outstanding deal you have always dreamed of, in our state-of-the-art meeting and conference rooms available on rent in Kochi. Equipped with the latest technology and modern facilities, our meeting rooms are sure to leave an impression that lasts. Centrally located and round the year, secure access makes our meeting rooms the best venue for a quick busin ...Read More

Top things that complete an office – Startup hub in Kochi

Real estate prices are on the rise, and so is an unstable economy. What does this mean? Many businesses face the dilemma of assembling finances to rent or purchase a workplace. One of the main reasons why working from home might be a good option for small companies, but over the course of time, it gets hard to differentiate work and personal life. Quite the reason ...Read More

Stressed out being an entrepreneur? – Mental health hacks for you!

Entrepreneurs, be it backing up big companies, small-sized enterprises, or just starting off, you know you add to the social & economic well-being of the society. However, behind the contribution of growth to the economy, there's a lot of stress, anxiety, depression, and demotivation one faces during the entrepreneurial journey. Here are three hacks that can actu ...Read More

8 Business tips for entrepreneurs to learn from Bill Gates

Think Future Predict the future and prepare for it in advance. Stay one step ahead of the competition. Move Quick and Keep Innovating To stay ambitious in a saturated startup world, you should go at a faster speed and focus on continuous innovation.  Time Is Valuable Note to self: 'Avoid distractions to stay as productive as possible', to achieve better resu ...Read More

5 Ways to handle irritating Coworkers

In every workplace, all of us would have probably come across coworkers that are annoyingly, a slacker, a gossiper, or arrogant, and the list goes on. Even if you consider yourself as an easy-going person to work with, you've probably encountered that one colleague who continually drives you up the office walls. Here are five ways to handle your most irritating cow ...Read More

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