Important tips for aspiring entrepreneurs

A long way of hurdles is awaiting every aspiring entrepreneur, the road isn't . There can be very few or no encouraging events in the journey yet, to be successful every aspiring entrepreneur has to keep up the fight. Here are some tips that could ease the hardship every entrepreneur faces: Learn from the experts Always be aware of the mistakes you have ma ...Read More

Advantages of Coworking for Freelancers

Previously in our blog, we mentioned why being a freelancer is kicky and the new thing in town. We also mentioned that freelancers should opt for co-working spaces instead of couch slouching and pretending to brainstorm. In this blog we would like to share a couple of tips that reinstates why coworking spaces are indeed the best for budding freelancers. Read ...Read More

Co-working space for freelancers

Are you a freelancer? Then this one’s for you. 9-to-5 jobs aren’t in anymore; being a freelancer is hip, hot and happening. Well if you’re wondering how and why this new genre of work culture is soaring, probably its only because a strict 8 hour job limits your possibility to creativity resulting in monotony and boredom. Mind you, we aren’t promoting jo ...Read More

Office workouts – Let’s kick some fat!

‘I have no time to exercise’, the usual one-liner from a workaholic. Dear workaholics it’s quite amazing how you can sit at your desk and work for hours together and not get bored or stressed out. However, at times it’s quite important to give yourself a break and stretch out those compressed butt muscles and bored shoulder blades. Finding some ‘me’ time f ...Read More

5 signs that your company culture is failing

The culture of a company is presumed to be the “nut and bolt” that holds the organization together! Those who are aware of their talent being an indispensable asset for any organization tend to opt for those companies with professional culture, even if it's a mediocre pay. Hence, it is important to maintain a good employment brand, if you are trying to build a tea ...Read More

5 easy ways to impress your client

Look and talk impressive! How? Go on to find out: Be friendly A warm up talk is necessary before you get down to discussing numbers with your clients. But remember to keep your talk professional and not go into details of family ups and downs. Keep it professional yet friendly. Ask Questions Showing  keen interest in the client’s business can lock your deal ...Read More

Five simple productivity tips

Some days you are high on productivity and just wrap up with as many assignments as possible in a snap. But then there are those days where you drag yourself to work and end up having a million sticky notes with to-dos that need to be accomplished before the sun sets. Well, for those draggy days here are some awesome tricks that could help you get back on your toes an ...Read More

Business in Kochi made easy!

The commercial capital of Kerala; ‘Kochi’, might not be a business traveller’s favourite destination for doing business and meeting up with high-end clients, as most of them believe Kochi is expensive, lacks premium facilities/ services and hygiene that is available elsewhere. Well for those of you who have this perception it’s time to mend it. We’ll tell yo ...Read More