Serviced office units vs traditional office spaces : Advantages

Are you struggling to maintain your office space? Are you teary eyed every month with office maintenance bills and the never-ending repair lists? Maybe it’s time you go through your goals and prioritise what you need the most; revenue or the unceasing expenses. Traditional office spaces are great provided you have the capital to burn. These office premises are ex ...Read More

Young entrepreneur – Key to success

Young, and tired of working under some-one already? Well then it’s pretty  much time you started your own venture before it’s too late. Most of the ‘successful’ startups today are owned by young aspiring business minds. Starting a venture isn’t easy, hard work and sleepless nights are the bottomline add-ons of every startup story. Not every startup esse ...Read More

Why hire a meeting room?

Holding a meeting is very challenging. It takes days to set up meeting rooms and to find an easily accessible location was always hard. But in today's world it has become much easier. All you have to do is book a meeting room at a Business Centre! Centre-A, one of the leading business centres in Kochi offers premium fully equipped meeting rooms for rent making ...Read More

Why choose an Office space for rent in M.G. Road Kochi

Location has a great impact on your business success. Every business needs to be set up at the right location depending on its kind. Most of the times, entrepreneurs are required to find an office space within the city, for better market exposure. Kochi is fast growing and it is attracting entrepreneurs from all around the globe. Today, it is hard to buy a piece of ...Read More

Why get a C-World membership for your business?

Centre-A earned much greater reputation among the best business centres in Kochi due to its excellent services created by experts who understands how the business world works. Centre-A has always been committed in offering better services that would help you overcome business challenges and enable it to run efficiently. Business can always put you in tough situatio ...Read More

Virtual Offices Changing the Ways Businesses Work

No longer is the concept of business restricted to physical brick and mortar structures. Today the whole world has become a global village and businesses are increasingly cutting across boundaries of space and geography. Contrary to popular perception a virtual office is more than people sitting at home and working from their laptops and smart phones. A new age virtua ...Read More

The many ways that virtual offices trump working from home

Working from home might be a convenient option but it certainly does not suit the needs and temperament of all employees. A work from home model may also be pretty difficult for the employer to manage which is why businesses often see slumps in productivity level when workers are always contributing from their home. Virtual offices present a better and an affordable a ...Read More

The best things about working in a serviced office

Serviced offices have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years because of the multiple benefits they offer. More and more entrepreneurs/ franchisee operators and businessmen are now opting for the package of a business property and service instead of arranging their own set up. So what are the advantages that really distinguish a serviced office from just a ph ...Read More