The many ways that virtual offices trump working from home

Working from home might be a convenient option but it certainly does not suit the needs and temperament of all employees. A work from home model may also be pretty difficult for the employer to manage which is why businesses often see slumps in productivity level when workers are always contributing from their home. Virtual offices present a better and an affordable a ...Read More

The best things about working in a serviced office

Serviced offices have gained a lot of popularity in the last few years because of the multiple benefits they offer. More and more entrepreneurs/ franchisee operators and businessmen are now opting for the package of a business property and service instead of arranging their own set up. So what are the advantages that really distinguish a serviced office from just a ph ...Read More

How to Run a Virtual Office

Shared offices online, virtual office, remote teams have become today’s business buzzwords. While it is true that virtual offices have revolutionized how businesses operate in today’s world, the setting up of a virtual office comes with its own set of concerns. Here are some tips that will help you manage and set up a virtual office smoothly and efficiently. Ta ...Read More

Find Quality Business Centres in Kochi

Kochi is one of the busiest and most prosperous towns in the state of Kerala. According to research, Kochi has been judged to possess one of the most conducive business environments in the mid town segment. Lately Kochi has seen a 60% growth in the number of start-ups and entrepreneurial set ups in the last 5 years due to the enterprising efforts of business support s ...Read More

World class business centre in Kochi

Have a look at Centre-A's fully furnished and equipped office spaces in Kochi. Centre-A's unique services makes it the leading Business Centre in Kochi ...Read More

Effect of workplace recreation on employee performance

We are all part of the workaholic crowd; work all through the week and worry about work over the weekend. At times excess work pressure results in a dip in work enthusiasm which calls for a day/ week off to restore working spirits, while office projects take turns at escalation. Situations get worse when employers send memos across for ill management of assigned proje ...Read More

Essential tips for a productive office space

Your workspace is directly proportionate to your ability to be productive and to stay focused. The layout of your workspace, be it work at home or in a company, plays a very important role with regard to being able to produce results and achieve business objectives. Layout here refers to both the basic and complex essentials of a workspace which includes; good interio ...Read More

Big tips for small businesses – Benefits of renting meeting rooms

Starting your own business is a bold step towards fulfilling your dreams. As a start-up, the first impression created ought to be the finest to ensure proper business growth. A small business need not necessarily have all amenities in place, moreover, as we all know, a start-up kicks in with minimal resources and investments. The most vital element that decides the ...Read More